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Premier Mortgage Resources is a rocky mountain mortgage lender that has a client and agent minded approach. David Bardin brings over 21 years of mortgage experience to the Pacific and Inland North West. We have the strength of a national mortgage lender and yet the flexibility to meet the local communities and lending needs. Using our Xcelerate system we are able to process, underwrite and fund your loans – all in house. This enables Premier Mortgage Resources to speed up the lending process so our clients close on-time, every time.

To be successful at any mortgage company, David believes you must make sure the borrower is always handled correctly — that clients are getting the best loan possible for their needs — and for our Team, nobody does this better than Premier Mortgage Resources.

When it comes to refinancing or purchasing a new home, everyone's financing needs are different. David provides his expertise of loan options that can help customers who have complex financial situations feel educated in the mortgage process. Whatever your situation, David will help you understand your options so you can make informed decisions, leaving you comfortable and confident from start to finish.

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Why We're Different

Would you risk taking a verbal approval from a lender when shopping for a home?

Let’s face it – A preapproval letter is just a piece of paper. Time and time again things were missed and now you're dealing with a headache or unwanted stress when you're already in contract or weeks into your transaction.

It's imperative that you understand how your transaction will go – Day one!

Understanding what steps are to be taken, who is going to contact you and what is being asked are all viable questions that need to be addressed upfront.

With our Innovative Xcelerate process, we are able to Pre-Underwrite your file upfront taking the guesswork out of your qualification. What this means is upfront conditional approval straight from the decision-maker (underwriter) to spearhead any hiccups that may arise later in the process. This gives you peace of mind and in most cases within the first 24 hours of submission.

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